Welcome To My Blog


Definition : An organism that converts caffeine into source code

Hello everyone! My name is Dexter Taylor (ProgrammerDexHowl).

I am currently a computer programming student in Central Florida. Throughout college I’ve learned many things. Recently, a professor encouraged creating an online presence that will make us all stand out. So, I want to share my journey with you all. Through this blog I hope to connect with others who share my passion for the art of programming. I want this blog to open up the world of programming to those who think they may be interested but don’t know where to start. Anyone who just wants to expand their own knowledge and share with others are welcome also.

Before college I was mostly self-taught through the power of the internet  I will be sharing a lot of free and paid learning tools and resources that have helped me out here. The choice to use them or not is, of course, up to you. I know everyone learns differently and with that in mind I will do my best to focus on a range of programming topics. I may even throw in a few of my own ideas of just general tech news, gaming, music and more. Leave me some feedback on what you think, share your own ideas in the comments. You can even Become a Contributor. Email me if you would like to participate.

Welcome To My Blog

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