Programming Myths

Never programmed before? Want to?
What’s stopping you?

First off,

What do you believe that programming really is?

I was going over this for quite some time trying to think of some of my preconceived notions about programming before trying it. I decided to try looking it up and came up with a few I didn’t initial think of but I’m going to go ahead and share a few of them with you here.

First thing I want to get out of the way is It is not even close to as difficult as you think.

Ok, so really this time, lets dive right in.

To Program you have to Think like a computer

Now this misconception is completely ridiculous. Let me explain.

When you start learning the fundamentals of computer programming you will fined that the only language the computer actually thinks in is Machine Language which is usually composed of binary. Before you ask, No you do not have to know binary to learn to code.

When you jump into any programming language like C for instance, which is a high-level language, it’s typically a lot easier than trying learn another human language like Spanish or Japanese (私を信じて私が試してみた ~Courtesy of Google Translate~).

Basically, programming and it’s various languages exist so we don’t have to think like computers.

Programming languages are complex and hard to understand

To help out with this one, I’ll post an example for you.

#include <stdio.h>
int main(void)
   printf("Hello, World!");
   return 0;

Looks similar to English right?

Any guesses at to what this program does?

If you said it prints out the phrase “Hello, World!”

That’s correct.

It’s very similar to using abbreviations from everyday life in some instances. For Example, var = variable, or int = integer. Just to solidify this lets try the same function in JavaScript.

    document.writeln('Hello, World!');

Look even more so like English?
All in all, we know that programming languages are not all that difficult to understand. Just be sure you understand that not all languages will be so similar. Just be sure to know pay attention when learning the properties of the different functions for whichever language it is that you’ve decided to focus on.

It takes forever to really get just one language down

This particular statement is not completely false to be honest.

Of course, that’s only if you don’t put in any time or effort into actually understand the functions and commands. Learning a programming language is essentially adding new “words” to your vocabulary. How long does it take you to memorize a list of vocabulary words?

It will take you 3 to 4 months to learn a single programming language if you study hard. However, there will always be something you don’t know. Stay hungry to further expand your knowledge. Learning the language is only half the battle.

I know there are some programming myths out there that I didn’t mention. Please share your own thoughts in the comments section. And remember, we’re here to learn together.

Programming Myths

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