The Geek’s Blog


I have been working with a wonderful team over the past five months.

This time was dedicated to bringing you a great new WordPress website. I’m sure this has been done before but, you’ve never seen it done quite like this.

We called this website The Geek’s Blog  because we wanted it to capture the attention of a certain audience of course. However, this site has something for everybody. Also, as soon as you register, you are automatically sign up as a contributor to our wonderful movement. What this means is if you have an idea just type it up, and submit it for review to one of our administrators. We wanted to bring Technical, Gaming, Cinema, and much more all together in one place. I hope this is something we can all enjoy.

This site is not only to entertain for a split second. This site is meant to help us all grow and learn from others with similar interests. This is whether it be a Technical issue, a new Game release, or simply a movie review, No idea is too small.

I want to thank all the Administrators that  assisted with creating content and making sure we had something to present when we finally launched the site. We already have 20 users registered and 90+ subscribed via email. We hope that this will grow as you are all welcome to add your own topics and hopefully start a conversation.

Want a new Category added to post to? Just shoot us an email or drop a comment anywhere on the site.


Please click here to unlock greatness :


Mod – Mark S.

Designer –  Emmanuel M.

Developer – Erisaul R.

Specialist – Dexter T.

Please share your own thoughts in the comments section below. And remember, we’re here to learn together.

The Geek’s Blog

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