Codecademy Upgrades

I’d like to start by citing that Codecademy is a great website that will assist with learning various languages when it come to web development. I have been using codecademy in my spare time for quite some time now and just recently got back to working on it consistently.


All tutorials are free and interactive; however recently, a paid “Path” option has been added for some languages. This option gives you additional information including Real-World projects, Quizzes, and more.

There are 3 Paths provided to you as of right now. Coding Intro, Front End, and Full Stack. The amount of work required increases with each level.

Do none of these paths sound like what you want?

You can create your own custom path from the 11 different languages, 86 Real-World Projects, 57 Quizzes, 97 Resources, and 6 Advanced projects.


For additional details please visit

Please share your own thoughts in the comments section. And remember, we’re here to learn together.


Codecademy Upgrades

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