Industry Certification

Hello Everyone,

As I am sure I have mentioned here before, I am a student, and I have been so wrapped up in life, posting got away from me for a while. From the completion of one degree, to the university application to start another.

I’m back now and hopefully I can keep this up for a while until the new term starts. I definitely have a few plans until then.

I have multiple focuses while I am on this break. The main focus I want to talk about today is Industry Certification.  I have a few certifications already that are less relevant now including Microsoft Office Specialist and Adobe Certified Associated for Dreamweaver as well as Flash CS6.

For a Software Developer, the beginner certification included CompTIA A+Microsoft Technical Associate: DeveloperOracle Certified Associate: Java SE 8 , and many more.

Industry Certifications are something you will run into quite often if you decide to pursue a career in Information Technology.

These will tell the world that you know what you are talking about when it comes to a specific topic. More importantly, this is something that shows prospective employers that you are qualified for the job they need to fill.

I am currently in the process of finding training for these myself and hope to add this to my achievements so far. This will obviously take time and I am ready for the long haul. Earning my first official college degree has helped with lighting that fire I needed.

When you enter the field of IT and especially if you are programming, you are signing up to be a lifelong learner. This is something that I fully understand  and the fact that computer software and hardware is always changing, updating, and becoming more advanced is what attracted me to IT to begin with. I am sure you all share this enthusiasm.

Below I have included the first video of a series called Software Development Fundamentals. This is a series that is meant to assist with the MTA Exam 98-361. On the Developer Track of the Microsoft Technical Associate certification this is one of the exams that can be taken/passed in order to earn the certification. Hope you’ll consider the MTA if you do not have it or you can skip to the MCSD ,or Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, exam if you are confident.

Full Series: Click Here

Do you already have a certification? Which one is it?

If not, Which are you studying for currently?

Please comment below with your response and remember we are here to learn together. 

Industry Certification

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