This past Sunday, June 12th, there was an attack on my city. Orlando, Florida.

One of the victims, my friend, Cory Connell, was going to be a firefighter, we graduated from the same high school. This man was someone that really cared about other people. You could sense it just by talking to him for 5 minutes. This is the guy that would help in any way he could and in the best way he knew how.

It has been said, that night, he protected his girlfriend during the attack. This I  believe wholeheartedly. That’s just the kind of guy he is.


Cory was a great person, and an even greater American who was prepared to put himself in harms way to help others and will be missed by friends, family and now, the entire community as he was deemed an Honorary Firefighter by Orange County Fire Rescue.

Now, the media and Internet have spun this story out of control with irrelevant information and satirical jokes.

I won’t provide examples of the horrible things that have surfaced online. I’m sure we have all seen more than enough. One thing I do want to address though is, we have seen our own people, Americans, say these terrible things.

Regardless of who you are and what God you believe in, or don’t  believe in, you must realize that the only thing that matters here is that someone is trying to destroy the American people and, instead of everyone uniting and saying to that someone “we will not fall”, we, as Americans, fight amongst ourselves over the irrelevant.

Here all the information we need to know.

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