Hi, Everyone. It’s been a few months and I know that you all want more content. I have just been having some trouble finding anything worth discussing honestly. Also, I’m still balancing a new job, a university transfer , self-training, etc.

Anyway, I’m here to talk to you all about a first for me. 

I am a big advocate toward developing your skills and growing through study and hands-on practice. This hasn’t changed; however, in most cases I recommend free content first. This content is paid and actually priced pretty decently, whatever that means.

The website is called Udemy. And so far I have a few courses I am working on. They range from Development and IT to Academics, Health, and even Foreign Language.

The majority I caught when there was a huge discount (these are frequent). And there is a lot of content. One of my Java courses was $20 and includes over 220 video lectures totaling 40+ hours along with quizzes, reviews and, the ability to interact with others who have purchased the course and the instructor. A Web Development course I bought for $19 includes certification exam vouchers as well. Also, all content so far that I have come across includes lifetime access so you can pace yourself and come back for refresher at any time. 

I have recommended this to many of my colleagues and they love it.

One thing I will mention that is a bonus, some free courses exist (though selections are limited and content is often not in depth) and some paid courses include free preview options so you can evaluate the instructors style of delivering content and determine if you want to continue. 

Overall, it is a great tool to utilize if you aren’t able to attend university or your school just doesn’t offer what you need like a class on the Japanese language

Check out some of the free options and share what you think in the comments below. 


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