Dexter’s Bio

Dexter (aka Dex Howl) started out just doing various tutorials online. In 2013, he earned his credentials as an Adobe Certified Associate and a Microsoft Office Specialist. In 2016, Dexter graduated with an Associate’s Degree from Valencia College. Currently, He is a Software Development student at the University of Central Florida.

As a programmer,  he has  gained some experience in multiple programming/scripting languages (e.g. C, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python) and applications used in programming (e.g. Visual Studio, Notepad++, Eclipse). From building websites in HTML to coding form applications in Java, he has taken a little something from all the assignments given to him

With 5 years experience in programming/scripting in a non-professional settings he is not,  by any stretch of the imagination, a “master”. He just hopes to keep learning and doing one of the few things that  he loves.

“We learn by pushing ourselves and finding what lies at the outer reaches of our abilities.”

– Josh Waitzkin


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